The Experiment

Boosting Connectedness

We believe that in the future many of us will work on distributed teams, which may leave workers feeling isolated or disconnected from their teammates. To counteract these feelings, we are testing how an always-on video channel changes that.

Read about our teammate Joshua's experience with TeamTV and its predecessor.

Interacts with Cisco Spark

Simply add the TeamTV bot to your Spark space and TeamTV creates a unique channel automagically. All members of the Spark space can watch/broadcast. Easy!

Adjustable presence

Always-on video is interesting, but sometimes you have other stuff to do. Even Zuckerberg tapes up his webcam, so we baked in privacy blur!

Team newsflash

Want to talk about a document/url/event with the team? Drop it in your Spark space and TeamTV shares your content as a newsflash to the team's TV channel.

Companion screens

TeamTV works well on your team's personal devices, but simply ask the bot for a big screen link and see the same channel on shared TV screens around your workspace.

About the Beta

Distributed team?

TeamTV is a new Cisco Emerge experiment, rather than a Cisco roadmapped product. We're looking for teams with 2+ locations to help us test and iterate. We're interested if we can boost your connectedness in-between your usual meetings and calls.

Join the beta and start using TeamTV with your team

Running the Beta

What do you need?

Personal broadcast

Each teammate will need:

  • Cisco Spark
  • Webcam with mic, built-in or external
  • PC with screen or laptop
  • Chrome or Firefox
  • Internet connection

Shared broadcast

TeamTV is also designed for shared big screens in an office workspace. The requirements are the same except you will use an activation code for the big screen.

Mobile broadcast

For this beta experiment, because TeamTV makes use of WebRTC video streaming, TeamTV is not guaranteed to work on mobile devices like iPhones/iPads. Android devices might run TeamTV, but the experience is not designed for small screens (yet).

About Cisco Emerge

Emerge is Cisco's collaboration innovation team. Check out our website and our blog. We experiment with ideas that may one day become Cisco products. By helping us test TeamTV, you agree to these terms and conditions and understand that the experiment may end at any time.